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I live in South Florida, home to beautiful palm trees and bright sunshine. So why was it that the temperature gauge inside my car read 34 degrees?

Why is it that my 5 year old complains he is freezing when he gets out of the shower when it’s 100 degrees outside but then proclaims it isn’t too cold for shorts when it is 34?

Feeling especially bad for my older guys who have open air hallways at their school and the high temperature only reached 50 today. And on top of that their official school uniform outerwear is a flimsy windbreaker?

Kudos to my 7 year old daughter who brought in another bag of her used toys to the toy drive today. She wants to help poor children to have a better holiday. So sweet or maybe she is thinking that Santa will replenish it all with newer toys. Who knows but the thoughts in her mind are there and I am not complaining.

All done with Christmas shopping for the most part. Now if everything ships like it is supposed to then we will all be happy campers on Christmas morning. AND I am paying cash for everything so no unhappy credit card bills in January!


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