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Scheduling is a necessity

Posted on: July 2, 2010

In all of my +17 years of being a mom I have to admit that I have tried over 100 methods for trying to keep my life straight…running to and fro, working, appointments, kids things, etc etc.  I just never picked up a habit that works for me.  I needed something that combined my work schedule with my home schedule all in one spot so I can see my entire day mapped out on one medium.

Then a few years ago at work we got Microsoft Outlook and for work purposes it was like going to heaven.  I use my calendar for EVERYTHING!  If you know about Outlook you know then that you can color code your calendar appointments which works really well because if you color code the really really important stuff in red color it makes those entries really stand out.

I put tasks on my calendar. I put reminders on my calendar.  I put it all there.

Then I decided to start adding my personal stuff to the calendar like kids games, school appointments, reminders for doctor visits,  birthday reminders.

It has worked like magic since I have been doing it.  It’s like one stop shopping.  I open up my work calendar and there is my entire life mapped out.  I don’t forget anything and I get reminded of when things are coming up.  My tasks are put on my calendar as if I am reserving the space to do those tasks and that works out well too because in a way I am making space on my calendar to do it.

If you are lucky enough to have a blackberry then you can view your outlook calendar there and you will always have your schedule at your fingertips.  No more guessing.  No more missing appointments.  No more missing tasks.

Outlook is truly the most efficient method I have found for organizing my entire life.

Do you have a method of organization that works well?


2 Responses to "Scheduling is a necessity"

There’s a method I used in college that was very effective for me, and I’m considering returning to it. (I learned it from a lady who taught study techniques for succeeding in college.)

It’s actually just like what you have on Microsoft Outlook, except I did mine on ruled paper with highlighters in different colors.

Carrie, Thanks for the comment.

Yes I find that if you put it all down (even just every day tasks you have to do) and color code it it’s so easy to move stuff around to maximize efficiency. Now I just need to get a blackberry so I can take the calendar on the go.

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