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Photo organizing project

Posted on: June 7, 2010

Update from yesterday:

Well, I realize it was less than 24 hours that I posted about organizing my scrapbooking projects and luckily I have an update already.

Last night when the kids went to bed, I sat my laptop and camera in front of the TV and did the mundane task of downloading all of my photos from the camera onto folders on my jump drive that I created.  I am fortunate when I download from my camera that I have the ability to group photos and name them before they get downloaded.  It’s sort of like tagging them prior so that when they get downloaded the files get named whatever you choose.  So for example, if I have a dozen photos of my son’s baseball game, I will instruct the program to tag them “Son’s baseball game” and the program will name each photo “son’s baseball game 1”, “son’s baseball game 2” and so on.  This will make it so easy when it comes to actually organizing the prints by event and eventually into the books.  It’s way more easy than just having the photos named by random numbers.

What a timesaver.  If you have similar software I suggest you try this timesaver out because it really helped my organizing so much more by tagging. 

Task for this week:

Now that I have all of my photos on my jump drive I will create a new folder called “Photos for printing”.  I will select those that are worthy of going into books and then get over to the CVS store for printing. 

Do you have any organizing projects that you need to start on or have started on?  Post your progress here.


2 Responses to "Photo organizing project"

I too am trying to organize photos this summer. I’ve gotten as far as buying some albums from Kohls (I don’t scrapbook) and writing this response hee hee! Seriously though, I try to download pics from my camera immediately (I separate mine into seasons, Winter 2010, Spring 2010,etc and if we’re taking a big trip, Vacation 2010.) I order my photos from Snapfish and then put them into albums for myself and 1 for each of my kids. I don’t print every picture from the computer, but my hope is that I’ll have a nice re-cap of childhood for my kids to have a copy of:)

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