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No Time for Scrapbooks

Posted on: June 6, 2010

I would love to be able to take a few months off from work with no interruptions to catch up on my scrapbooks.  In fact I love to scrap.  It’s fun and artisitic.  There is only one problem.  I have no time to do it.  In fact not only don’t I have time to do the artsy part of scrapbooking but it has gotten so bad that I wouldn’t even know where to start.  My books are so far behind and my photos are so disorganized.

I am not afraid to admit it.  I am an organizer and I help others to organize.  So why is the one area of my life so disorganized?

I pondered that all the time and I hear people who are disorganized in general.  We both say the same thing…..”the more I procrastinate, the worse the problem gets so I procrastinate more and it gets worse”. 

I know how it feels. I am feeling it every day with my photos.  The more photos I take the more upset I feel knowing that they are on my camera and not in a book somewhere organized and managed the way they should be.

So I decided that I was going to bite the bullet and just take my own advice and I am committed to doing it.  So I am posting my plan in hopes that it keeps me honest and accountable and maybe help you too in tackling that never ending project that you need to get going.

1.  I can’t get anywhere until I have my photos organized so for this weekend I am committing to taking all of my digital photos and organizing them into folders on my hard drive.  Each folder is for a different year like “Photos of 2010”.  “Photos of 2009”, etc.  You can organize the main folders into smaller subfolders if you like but for now I don’t want to do too much so I will just do main folders.

2.  When I put all of my photos into folders I will also delete the duplicates and those that are not worthy of viewing (ie, blurry, etc.).  After I have the folders all done, I will copy all folders to a jump or external drive.  This helps make printing easier either if I print them out on my printer or take them to a photo copy store to print. 

Once I have organized all of the photos in this manner, I will feel so happy because getting yourself organized up front is half of the battle.

3.  Once all photos are on a jump drive, I will look through my scrapbook as to where I last left off.  Right now I have 6 books going on.  1 for each of my kids (4), 1 for our family vacations, and the last one for family events (not vacation).

4.  When I figure out the time frame of the latest photos I put into my scrapbooks I will then start selecting which photos on my jump drive will be printed for future scrapbooking.

5.  I usually will put a new folder on my jump drive called “scraping photos” and select which of all my photos will go into scrapbooks.  I have too many to put them all into books so I will only choose the best ones for the books. I will then copy the photos into that folder and head off to the store for printing.

6.  After I have printed out the photos I will then come home and start the sorting process.  I will put the photos into 6 different envelopes one for each book. At this point no scrapbooking has taken place. I am merely selecting photos, printing out, and organizing them into the correct book. 

7.  After I get all of the photos into each book, then I will start organizing the photos in each book by order of how I want them to be placed into the book.  This is the fun part because this is where I can start the actual scrapbooking process. 

I think this will keep me busy enough for the next several months. What do you think?  Do you have photos that are a disorganized mess?  Or do you have a method for keeping on top of this task?


2 Responses to "No Time for Scrapbooks"

I agree wholeheartedly about it being so frustrating when you’re not organized. My biggest challenge with a huge project like organizing my photos is the idea of just getting started. Once I do, though, I actually enjoy the process and boy does it feel good when a task like this is finished. This is a great post. It lets us know that we’re not the only ones in the same boat.

I so know the feeling! I never have enough time to fully enjoy scrapbooking. I often stay up a little late to managed to do something.

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