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Messy Kids

Posted on: May 24, 2010

An organizer with messy kids?  I ponder this thought all the time because I am starting to face facts. My kids are not the organizer that I am…and they might not ever be.  I try to put all of these great systems in place in their rooms but they are just not that into it like I am.  They say organization makes them lose things and forget things…huh?  Isn’t that the purpose of organization??? 

I won’t fight it.  I mean my kids are great in so many other ways…who am I to complain?  I do cringe at the thought of them going off to college, keeping messy dorm rooms, and then possibly someone thinking that their mother must be the same way (you know how the apple doesn’t fall far from the trees). 

I guess I will cross this bridge when I come to it…maybe….or maybe I will pray they figure it out on their own. 

How about you? Do your kids have messy rooms?  Disorganized habits?  Or are they super organized?


3 Responses to "Messy Kids"

I work with the kid’s own organizing style. One likes to see everything, so closet doors have been removed and we have hanging shelves and colour coded baskets. The other one likes everything away and labelled:) They have their homework organized in the same manner as well. They both have donation bins in their closets so if they have outgrown anything clothes, books. toys DVD etc in it goes to donation. We empty the bins once a month. They also choose the artwork that they keep for the month and we go through at the end of the year.

So glad it’s not just me. I have one in particular that is the very opposite of me and it doesn’t bother that one in the least!! I always joke that someday I’m not going to be able to visit their apartment without bringing some serious cleaning supplies and trash bags!!

Heather, I am doing something similar with my younger ones in the hopes that it actually helps them get better habits…I fear my teenage boys are far gone though LOL…

Mindy, I know I will be coming to their apts with cleaning supplies…..I can predict at much LOL

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