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Organize Your House to Sell

Posted on: May 2, 2010

It’s a buyer’s market out there and therefore you have a lot of competition with other sellers to make the best impression with potential buyers walking through the house.  You don’t want to spend a lot of money fixing up the house because you don’t want to invest.  With some really simple tips and tricks, you don’t have spend too much money if any at all to make your house look neat and clean.  And the impact could potentially be big.  You don’t want clutter to take over the buyer’s perception of your home.  You must declutter now.

I have organized my tips into categories to make it easy.


1. Make sure that all beds are made every day.  This is an absolute must.  First of all, your home can be clutter free but if the beds are not made your house will look messy.  Do this every day because you never know when a buyer could show up at your doorstep.

Beds Are Made

2.  Look over every flat surface in all of the bedrooms.  Remove almost everything on that surface.  You might ask what will you do with the stuff you are clearing away.  If the items are things you want to keep with you, then pack these things away in a container or box. These boxes or containers need to be moved into the garage or attic while your house is being sold.  If the items are things that you feel you no longer need or want to move with you, then decide to throw it out or give to charity.  Remember that you want be judicious about what goes into the “move” pile because you don’t want to move stuff that you don’t use or will eventually give or throw away. 

Clean Surfaces

3.  Clean up your closets.  Straighten out the clothes in the closet and make sure the shoes are neat and orderly. Remove any trash or anything on the floor. 


Bathrooms are clutter zones.  Here are some tips on how to minimize the clutter in the bathroom.

1.  Close all toilet lids.  It just looks cleaner.  Trust me.

2.  Clear almost everything off the countertops.  I personally would not even leave out my toothbrush.  People know you brush your teeth so no one needs to see your used toothbrush.  Put it all underneath the sink.  I would recommend leaving out a nice soap container in case people want to wash their hands. 

3.  Make sure all towels are hanging nicely.

4.  If you have kids and they tend to use toys in the bathtub, get a container and put those toys away. 

5.  Make sure mirrors are clean and trash cans are emptied on a daily basis.

General Areas/Living Room/Dining Room/Family Room

1.  I can’t emphasize enough that all flat surfaces should be cleared off.  If you have a nice decorative item to put on a flat surface that looks appealing then add it.  But I would recommend only one item at the most. 

2.  All old magazines or newspapers need to go into the trash.  These are big time clutterers for your home.

3.  All kids toys should be in boxes or bins and away from the general areas of the house. 


1.  Pay close attention to clearing out your kitchen.  Most people spend a lot of time in the kitchen and most kitchens are big clutter zones. 

2.  Pack away any and all recipe books, decorations, etc. into boxes.  Clutter in a kitchen can make the kitchen look small and hide countertop space so the more you can free up the better it is for you.  Also, people are turned off by a messy kitchen and it really can leave a bad impression if you are showing a big mess. 

3.  Never leave dishes in the sink at any time and don’t leave a dish drainer in the sink either.  Put all dishes away and put away the dish drainer.  Put any dishes in the dishwasher and if you don’t have a dishwasher you will have to hand clean, dry, and put away the dishes every day.  I know that takes an extra effort but it is worth it if you want to sell your house and have it look good. 

Clean Kitchen Countertops and Sink

4.  Any appliances that you don’t use every day should be put away in the cabinets. 

5.  Keep your refrigerator clean.  Once a day or every two days take a sponge to the refrigerator and clean off the shelves.  Buyers will be looking in there. 

6.   If you have a pantry keep that as neat as possible.   It does not have to be perfect but the items should not be falling out when you open the door either. 

7.  Every day you should wipe down the counters.

Clutter Free Kitchen

8.  Your sink area should not have anything in it or on top of it.  I would even go so far as to put your soap and sponges in the cabinet under the sink.  It makes a big difference to the look of the kitchen.

Laundry Room

1.  There should not be dirty or unfolded clothes in the laundry room.  Make sure you regularly put these away.

2.  Any items that you don’t need to do your laundry should be boxed up and put away.

3.  Anything that is on the floor should be picked up and put away.

As you are working around your house decluttering it is important to remain objective.  Think about what you want to see if you are walking into someone else’s house and that should help to guide you in this process.

If you have any other questions or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment!  🙂


3 Responses to "Organize Your House to Sell"

Honestly, with three kids, two dogs and a husband that is a “piler”, I think I’d rather move out and sell an empty space than try to even remotely keep up! LOL Isn’t that horrible?

April, I know where you are coming from. I see it all the time..which is why I love to help people organize!

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