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Posted on: March 22, 2010

Hello fellow blog readers and facebook fans,

I am writing this blog post to ask you for some much needed input.  I am in the process of writing an e-book on organizing for busy moms (dads too!). I am also developing some outlines for future organizing online workshops and real live workshops in my community.

However, my problem is that the content does not feel original.  It just seems like the same ole same ole such as tips on how to declutter, how to organize your drawers and closets, etc.  My goal is for my workshops and e-book to be helpful to my target audiences. 

So I am reaching out to you in an effort to get over this block I am experiencing by asking you for your feedback.  If you were going to an organizing workshop or view one online what topics would you want to be covered?  What kind of information would be important to you?  What are your daily organizing struggles that you need help with?

I would love to hear your feedback and if you could help me by leaving a comment or suggestion I would be ever so grateful.  It will help me with content immensely.

Thank you so much.

Love,  Terry aka  The Mommy Organizer.


6 Responses to "Need Your Help….."

It seems like everyone has the same tip for keeping up on dishes. “Rinse it and put it in the dishwasher as soon as you’re done with it.” Believe it or not, some of us don’t have dishwashers. Any suggestions for those of us who have to wash by hand?

TIme management/organization is always good – how to balance the homework, activities of kids as they get older and have them help at home…..what calendar systems, etc work best

@Katie – great question! And I feel for you for not having a DW 😉 I don’t know what I would do without mine. But I do have a few good tips on how to keep your kitchen organized without one. I will be posting on this in the next couple of days. Thanks for the feedback.

@Mindy – great suggestion. I was just talking to my sister in law on this awhile back regarding time management. It definitely is a science. I will be working on incorporating this in my workshop idea.

If there are any other topics you would like to see covered, please leave a comment. I love to hear your feedback.

I agree with time management and scheduling. I would like to also see information on “To Do List” burn out or depression.

I’d really like to see some tips that are aimed at working mothers. There are a plethera of blogs and websites designed to help the stay at home mom, but very little for the working mom’s organizational and time management woes.

@Terry and @Courtney – sounds like time management is a huge issue one that I am very well aware of being a mom of four kids. Thanks for the feedback and I will be sure to start writing some posts and articles regarding this issue. It’s an important one. Be sure to check back.

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