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A Funny Thing Happened

Posted on: March 20, 2010

on the way to the ballpark.  As I entered the ballpark with my husband and two young children in tow to watch my older boys varsity baseball game last night, I learned of a funny phenomenon that is going on right now in my household…

My older boys are becoming men.

It’s a strange, strange experience for me who is constantly remembering the days they were born, their first steps, their first days of school.  Add to the list their first girlfriends.

As we were sitting in the stands and my oldest was playing in the game, my other son was sitting in the stands with a bunch of his friends.  Some of them are guys and some are girls.  He was laughing and having a good time and not realizing I was watching him grow up the whole time.

I realize at some point they will have girlfriends and go out on dates.  I can tell this is coming soon…almost too soon.  It’s a mom thing. I just know.

I am thankful that I have a good relationship with my boys so that they are comfortable talking to me about their personal lives and their interests and yes, sometimes that includes them talking about members of the opposite sex.

For now I have to remember to keep my distance because  “moms are pretty uncool”.    I am not sure if you got the memo on that but it’s true.  I also have to remember to keep communicating with them and keep talking to them about how to become responsible and respectful men.

And after those talks I will go back to my room and look through the pictures of our lives together when they were still young enough to think I WAS cool and I was the only girl in their lives.


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