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How To Become Organized Part 2 of 6

Posted on: March 18, 2010

Here is the second part of my series of 6 posts that I developed based on what I do to help keep myself organized.  I love being organized and over the years I have realized that I can describe how to be organized in six easy steps.  Last week my first step was about keeping things in perspective with young kids.  The next step is really obvious but not always so easy to do.  It is…

Get Busy and Just Do It

Why does it seem so hard to just do it?  Everyone gets so busy and it’s easy to procrastinate.  So ask yourself how you can overcome this procrastination.  For me I just have to keep reminding myself that even though it is easier to put off what I can do tomorrow, I still have to do it so may as well do it while it is fresh on my mind.  That doesn’t mean I never procrastinate.  I have 4 kids, remember?  Things aren’t perfect in my household.  But I try to remind myself that even though I may be too tired to file the paperwork it’s best to just do it when I first get it.  I also try to remind myself that procrastinating only makes things worse later. The paperwork pile becomes so big that it takes so much longer to work through it. 

The worst thing you can do about getting organized is sit around look at your piles and worry about how to get rid of them.  The best thing you can do is stop thinking about it, stop analyzing where to begin, and just start out somewhere.  Take a pile and start putting your stuff into categories – Keep, Discard, Give Away.

When you stop procrastinating and dive into an area with energy you will be happy to accomplish something and you will feed off that energy.

I will give you an example of what I do in my own house that applies to this theory.  I never leave dirty dishes in my sink.  I always wash them as they get dirty.  Why? Because it is too easy for the dirty dishes to pile up and if I procrastinate on that chore, it will only get worse.  I will eventually run out of dishes.  Not only that but I will eventually have a huge mountain of dishes that will take me an hour to wash. And most times I don’t have an hour to spare.   It’s just so much easier to take care of one or two dishes as opposed to 20.  And I am all for saving myself time.  Are you?

My Kitchen

So what do you procrastinate on when it comes to cleaning or organization?  What do you do to overcome your procrastination?  Think about how you can overcome this bad habit.  Get busy and just do it.




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