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Posted on: March 17, 2010

to get back to my organizing posts but I would hate to deprive you of yet another really creative eat-clean food story I experienced today.

Last night as I planned out my food for today I knew that I would not have to bring lunch.  I have an all day work meeting and therefore a lunch is usually brought in.  Therefore I only brought my cooler with an apple, pear and my peanut butter in it.  I didn’t know what the lunch would be so I guess I was just taking my chances.  As we broke for lunch I realized that the lunch was meat lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and cannolis for dessert.  All very delicious but most are not on my eating plan.  You might be saying “come on give yourself a break” and one day I will but for now I am 3 weeks into eating clean and still not ready to have easy days.  I am still working on making all of this a habit. Any set back now could be a problem.

So I approached the meal very carefully trying to figure out what it was that I could eat and stay away from the rest.  The lasagna was out. I couldn’t have that.  Interestingly there was a side pot of meat sauce to put on top of the lasagna so I decided to get a small bowl and eat the meat sauce.  It was pretty meaty so I felt as if I was getting some protein there.  Because I wasn’t eating the lasagna I decided to have a breadstick with the meat sauce.  This was my only real cheat but not really because the breadstick was small and I only had one.  I then ventured over to the salad and obviously got a plate of salad with salad veggies and balsamic vinegar.  I skipped the cannoli. 

I guess I just wanted to share that through a bit of creativity I was able to turn a meal that I could not eat to something I could just by thinking through my food choices. 

I do believe I did not get enough calories or protein so I will make up for it either at my mid afternoon snack which is a pear and peanut butter (I will double up on the peanut butter serving) or make up for it at dinner. 

I feel great though and am proud of myself for turning what could have been a problem and into a positive without compromising my progress and feeling bad for it.

Do you have any situations like that where you felt you didn’t know what choice to make?  Or maybe there wasn’t a good solution at all?


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