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Finding Lost Treasure

Posted on: March 14, 2010

The other day I was screaming politely explaining to my two teenage boys how much I really wanted them to clean their room. I only ask them to do it an average of 1,023 times a day. 

I finally got fed up with trying to navigate around the room dodging objects like basketballs and the many pairs of clean socks laying in the middle of the floor. 

Eventually we got to cleaning it all including the night stand.  But something interesting happened at the night stand.  As I was making my way through all of the old gum and candy wrappers I found several gift cards.  Which further contributes to my theory that everytime one organizes, one finds treasure somewhere. 

We estimated that the gift cards were worth about $80 and it only seems fair that dear ole Mom gets a finders fee for finding them, right?

Mom thinks so.  😉


2 Responses to "Finding Lost Treasure"

I have a TEN year old (not even a teen yet) and I swear I ask him EVERY DAY, “Did you bring your dirty laundry down?” EVERY DAY for the last three years at least. And he STILL will come down once a week with about 5 loads of laundry? I don’t understand where it comes from!

He just went to Iowa to have spring break with his bio dad and so I took the liberty of PURGING his closet, matching socks and I took a picture! Now he has NO EXCUSE when I say, “CLEAN YOUR CLOSET/ROOM” I can say, “AND I WANT IT TO LOOK LIKE THIS!”


Sadly, I didn’t find any gift cards! He DOES keep those stashed in his ATM bank thing.

April, I hear you loud and clear. So frustrating! I guess I have to admit to myself that my kids just don’t care about being organized like I do…LOL

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