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I Love You Mommy

Posted on: March 1, 2010

Nothing says “I Love You Mommy” more than a big blue crayon in the dryer with all of my white clothes!

Any ideas on how to get through that??


4 Responses to "I Love You Mommy"

This is the reason some species eat their young! 😦 I’m SOOOO sorry.

I’ve had FOUR loads ruined in my day. ONE due to gum. ONE due to chapstick. ONE due to lip stick and ONE due to a red crayon. 😦

I feel your pain but NOTHING fixed it…and I even had to get stuff to clean the inside of the DRYER out!

April you are so right!! LOLOL!!! When I pulled out the clothes this morning I just put them back in and walked out!! I managed to clean the inside of the dryer but the clothes are gone forever. Luckily it was mainly underwear and only one white button down shirt. Thanks for posting!

One year for Christmas, I got DH an authentic NY Yankees jersey. He almost cried. He wore it 1 time and then I washed it with a tube of lipstick. I DID cry. I was able to scrub it out with Zout though. I check pockets religiously now, especially mine.

Jess that is a way worse story than mine. I don’t feel so bad. Yes i would have cried too if I were you. For me all I lost was a pair of shorts and a collared shirt…nothing like an authentic baseball jersey to ruin your day LOL…thanks for posting.

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